Dessert Tables


Sweet Creations Selections

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•Tiramisu                            •Cheesecake
•Mousses                            •Cream puffs
•Napoleon                          •Rollets
•Fruit Tarts                         •Cake pops          

•Mini Cupcakes               •Macaroons            

•Mini Brownies               

•Cake shooters                

•Chocolate covered Pretzel Rods

•Strawberries dipped in chocolate

Creamy Creations $500

Good up to 100 guests

Assorted desserts up to 4 selections

150 -200 pieces depending on your selection

Includes decoration rentals and set up

Sweet Bites $850

Good for 200 - 250 guests

Assorted desserts up to 5 selections

300 pieces + 6" cake

Includes decoration rentals and set up

Plentiful Pastries $1500

Good for 300- 450 guests

Assorted desserts up 6 selections

500-650 pieces + 6" cake

Includes decoration rentals and set up

$24 Dozen ( 2 dozen minimum)

• Chocolate Mousse

• Mini Cupcakes    

• Macaroons             

• Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods

• Chocolate Strawberries 

• Chocolates

• Cake Pops

• Mini Brownies

$36 Dozen ( 2 dozen minimum)

• Strawberry, Pistachio or Lemon Mousse

• Tiramisu

• Napoleon

• Fruit Tarts

• Cake Shooters

• Cheesecake

 •Cream Puffs

• Rollets

Design desserts $42 Dozen

We can design any cupcake or cookie to your theme. 

Weddings, Baby Showers, Bridal Shower, Birthdays, Baptism, Anniversaries, etc.

Candy Tables


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•Up to 100 guests and 5 different types of candies.........$500 

•150-200 guest and 7 different types of candies.............$700 

•250 - 350 guests 8 types of candies, mini cupcakes and chocolate covered pretzel rods.........$1000

Includes: Jars rentals, decoration, plastic bags, scoops, tongs and set up.   

( Package for $1000 includes free attendant up to 4hrs to refill.)

 Delivery & Pick up fees for candy and dessert tables vary depending in location.