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Born and raised in Spain, Vanessa’s vision is shaped by the artistic traditions of Barcelona and Madrid, and her Mediterranean sensibility is a perfect fit to the Southern California style. The classic influences of Gaudí, Miró and Oscar de la Renta inspired her design decisions, and her vivid colors of Sevilla shine in all her productions.

Vanessa Doménech is the Owner and Founder of Best Dream Weddings and the Main Wedding & Event planner. She is a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants and assists frequently different seminars to expand her knowledge about weddings and events, including South Asian Weddings. In Preparation to becoming an experienced Wedding Planner and Coordinator, I was mentored and worked with Tobey Dodge, an extremely well known and one of the best Wedding Planners in Southern California.

With Best Dream Weddings, Vanessa has broadened her vision to full service planning  focused specifically on creating an unforgettable wedding experience.

Vanessa combines an outgoing and engaging personality with the attention to detail needed to assure a smoothly coordinated event. She brings the best and most creative professionals together into a team dedicated to going the extra mile to assure success at every level.

In addition to coordinating all aspects of the event, Vanessa is a ready personal assistant through the entire process from beginning to end, assuring a stress-free experience. Vanessa is fully bi-lingual in Spanish-English, with Best Dream Weddings at the event, language barriers vanish.


Best Dream Weddings’ Team

Jessica Vega, Coordinator's Assistant.

Jessica Vega has been working with Vanessa for the past two years. She has had the pleasure of getting to work with all types of people from all over the world and she has learned a lot about other cultures. When she is not working with Vanessa she is a full time Behavior Therapist with elementary school children. Jessica sometimes works one on one with a child or in a large group setting; “all of our kids come to us with emotional disabilities which in turn affects their day to day behaviors.”

Jessica is also fluent in Spanish thanks to my Latin family and as well in the middle of learning Italian.

Alyona Martynenko , Coordinator's Assistant.

Alyona is a passionate Wedding Planner Coordinator’s Assistant who has been helping Vanessa with different types of weddings since Summer 2013. She is Bilingual in Russian & English.

She came to the USA from Russia in 2012 with a dream - become a successful wedding planner, so she is working towards her goal bringing her multicultural experience and open-mind to Vanessa's team, helping her in arranging all the details for the most important day in our couples' lives. 

Alyona has recently graduated from a private university in Orange County with a Master of Business Administration degree and is currently working as a marketing manager for the school she has graduated from.

She likes to travel and is an experienced hiker who visited many National Parks in the USA and... there are so many more to explore!.  

Rochelle Garlow, Lead Coordinator.

Rochelle Garlow is one of our lead wedding and event planners. She discovered her passion for weddings early in her hospitality career. Starting off as a banquet server and bartender, she worked her way into event planning at the Courtyard Marriot. Working alongside the sales department for two years, she assisted with meetings and events. When she discovered an opportunity to move into social events and weddings, she did not hesitate! She has coordinated a large variety of weddings including South Asian weddings.

She took a position with Capistrano’s in the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Resort as a Catering Assistant. Her dedication and attention to detail quickly moved her into a Catering Manager position. Here she built many lasting relationships with professional in the wedding industry, including Vanessa. Sadly after two years of working with the company on hundreds of successful events, Capistrano’s closed its’ doors. Rochelle saw this break as an opportunity to focus on her education in Psychology at CSUCI. She now attends school and works full time in childcare. She embraces every opportunity to work with Vanessa on beautifully planned weddings. Rochelle looks forward to returning full time to her passion in event planning when she has completed her Master’s program.

Cindy Castillo, Coordinator's Assistant.

Cindy is fluent in Spanish & English. She went to nursing school and after having her twin boys she decided to find a job where she could spend more time with her kids and shared her passion in decor and organizing. Her favorite thing to do is spend time teaching her kids and doing activities with them like painting, hiking, swimming, she is very involved in their lives. Cindy decided to become a professional coordinator and then realized how much she enjoyed planning events. She would like to open her own successful event coordination business with time. Cindy is your “Do it yourself” kinda girl.

                                She gets things done, she can fix whatever is broken and she finds a solution to everything.